About Us

About ADI

A Premier Destination for Top-Tier Scientific Communication

ADI Intellect is a resource provider for the information, technical, & communication segments, serving leading products and companies since 1999. Initially started as a data processing company, we are preferred providers for leading corporations for their broad information and communication needs.

Compelling Scientific Communication

We strongly emphasize ensuring accurate and reliable scientific communication. 

Dynamic Narration

Another major focus is leveraging the power of visual storytelling through Visual Animation.

Vision statement

We believe in building and nurturing expertise in medical communication and regulatory writing, delivering meticulous solutions to healthcare companies. Our goal is to become a trusted provider of comprehensive data analysis and medical communication services, serving as the preferred partner for bio-medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

Mission statement

We are dedicated to constant evolution and expertise expansion in the fields of data analytics, medical communication, scientific writing, and animations. Our goal is to offer comprehensive solutions to organizations, seamlessly integrating with our clients to minimize risks and drive growth. At ADI, we nurture teams with technical excellence, integrity, and reliability as core values to exceed client expectations and become the preferred choice in the industry.

Our expertise spans the domains of Scientific Publication, Regulatory Writing, Regulatory Submission, Statistical Analysis, e-Learning, Interactive Learning, and Clinical Trial Planning. Our progressive approach establishes us as a trusted and all-encompassing provider of vital information and comprehensive services in data analytics, medical report writing, publications, and animation.

While our horizontal growth emerged from our ability to add skills across

Our vertical growth came from building expertise across multiple industry segments like

Our Visionaries Leaders

Maneet Matharu

CEO, ADI Group

Savita Chadha

COO, ADI Group

Vivek Vishisht

Business Development Manager

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